Dude OMG!

Dude OMG! is a pop culture comedy podcast starring Caleb Grabowski, Cord Culver, and Will Dutcher. The flagship podcast, Dude OMG!, talks about everything from movies to video games to current events and everything in between. There are several other projects we are launching, to include:

  • Dude Plays… – Dude OMG! plays video games. Stay tuned for community events (TBD)!
  • Dude Watches… – Dude OMG! watches and reacts to a television show, or movie, or other event. Immediately after watching, Caleb, Cord, and Will record a podcast discussing what just happened, how we reacted, and what we found interesting.
  • Dude Reviews… – Dude OMG! will review almost anything if the user requests it, so long as it fits within our budget and time constraints. Think outside the box on this, it doesn’t just have to be movies and video games!

We want a lot of user interaction, so please comment, make recommendations, or just generally troll us. We don’t have a troll yet.

We’re looking to add new talent and new shows, so if you’re interested or you would like to be considered as a contributor, shoot us an email here.


Social Network

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dudeOMG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DudeOHEMGEE

Tumblr: http://dudeomgpodcast.tumblr.com/


Video Games

XBOX Live ID: DudeOMGdotcom

Steam ID: DudeOMGdotcom