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Dude OMG! 064 – Allegedly

by Cord Culver on May 27, 2015


This week the gang tackles the Duggar controversy, homeschooling, the dangers of social media and reality television. Allegedly, one of the Duggars did the naughty doll touch on some of the other Duggars, Jonny defends homeschooling, Will and Cord worry about their daughters on social media and the gang debates whether or not they’d let a reality show follow them around. As Caleb would say, “Cord used his serious voice” in this episode, will gets residuals every time he says “that’s just stupid,” and Jonny endorses Chipotle (sort of). All in all, standard DOMG! entertainment!

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thegazman June 1, 2015 at 3:22 pm

As you know I’m a Celtic (Selltik) Man (the greatest team in my world)
Our old rivals rangers helped their owner run up £700 million pounds of debt!(rule broken)
They went bankrupt due to not paying tax (rule broken),and were eventually liquidated.(rule broken)
A new club was formed and was allowed to buy back the stadium and apply to the league for entry Owning 10’s of millions to creditor and with no intention of paying back (rule broken)
There is a waiting list to applicants wanting to join the Scottish leagues and
This new club was allowed direct entry to the league ( rule broken),
Allowed to call themselves rangers (rule broken),
And the football governing body was going to allow them direct entry to the top division(rule bent). But the outcry from the fans off ALL other clubs put stop to that.
As a result they started back in the bottom division,jumping the queue in front of many other more deserving clubs(rules bent stretched and bent again)
This club also was found to be paying its players for more than a decade with undisclosed employment benefit payments (MAJOR rules broken)
They were found guilty by HMRC(her maj*sties revenue and customs)
Of tax evasion and fined millions.
But still the Scottish Football Association found in the clubs favour!
And surprise surprise the men at the top are all rangers men,with one being a benefactor of an tax evasion payments.
This is going on in the small Country of Scotland,so it no surprise what’s going on at FIFA
All we can do as a Club is keep winning fairly and if we lose we’ll fight another day
Hail Hail
I wish I could have went into more detail but ADHD is a cunt!
On another week I could probably have written ten thousand words,….So you’ve got off lightly dudes
Ps what would teacher Jonny and his pet cord give me as marks for my punctuation 🙂

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