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Dude OMG! 087 – Pessimistic About the Zombie Apocalypse

by Will Dutcher on November 18, 2015


Hey gang! This week everyone except Will dies. Well, technically, he’ll die too, just after Jonny and Cord do.

First things first, Dude OMG! would like to send its love to the people of Paris. We are all heartbroken by the tragic events that occurred over the weekend and we pray that the people of Paris can find resilience and strength to overcome.

Now, on to the show. This week the fellas address how heavy things have gotten as of late, and then they get a little heavier before going to the white board. First up is optimism and pessimism are offered up and the fellas debate the point of the whole goddamn half-full/half-empty cup. Next up we talk about who would survive a zombie apocalypse. Newsflash: Cord and Jonny die first. Will survives (at least for a little while). Finally, the gang talks about distractions and what gets them in trouble with their significant others. Here’s a hint: podcasting and iphones.

We clearly recognized that the shoe has been a bit “heavy” lately so we opted for some fun, lighthearted topics to get the ball rolling again. Obviously, Cord has some trouble letting go (but he is a pessimist after all) at first, but things move right along. Cord talks about literally burning money, Will can’t run (because of pneumonia– not any other reasons!) and Jonny would probably be killed by someone he knows. Yeap– that’s the gist of it.

As always, thanks for listening!

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