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Dude OMG! 088 – Will Gave Himself Diabetes

by Cord Culver on November 25, 2015


Hey folks, it’s Thanksgiving week and to celebrate the tradition, we focus a good part of this episode on food. Will has diabetes (the bad kind), Jonny literally reads a ramen restaurant menu, and Cord’s burritos keep falling apart. You’d almost think we didn’t have anything to talk about.

So, seriously, Will reveals to the gang that he has diabetes and mono (at the same time) which leads us down a path of food discussion. Somehow Jonny brings up the glory of Mama Fuku’s (or something like that) that is a restaurant dedicated to ramen noodles and milk desserts, which if you didn’t know, is a thing. Cord follows on with a story about an inept food service person who keeps ruining his burritos as Shmipolte, a non-Chipotle burrito making establishment. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Jonny LITERALLY reads a ramen menu… just… putting that out there.

Once they get passed the food, Cord talks about watching kids play soccer and how we would feel as parents if we saw someone disciplining our children. Finally, on to the good stuff, Will unboxes his 1UP Box and this month’s LootCrate.

We hope you like this week’s episode. We’re starting a campaign to support Will so please post pictures of Will with a Wilford Brimley mustache to our Facebook wall. She the man some love.

As always, thanks for listening!

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