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Dude OMG! 089 – Christopher Columbus Was Not So Nice

by Cord Culver on December 2, 2015


Hey gang, we talk about Thanksgiving in this episode and we go all over the map–but at least we’re not killing natives. Once again Caleb joins us to talk Christopher Columbus, holiday shopping, living in a video game and drunken D & D… amongst other things.

Not ones to shy away from the #realtalk, we talk the offensive nature of Thanksgiving, whether or not the Redskins should change their name, what Cord did for Thanksgiving, the quality of Hooter’s wings, why Billy takes naps in crowded rooms, and a 5 sec. review of the latest Rocky installment, Creed. (Here’s a hint: it’s excellent). But… before we get into that, Caleb treats us all to a breakdown and drunken impressions of Rick and Morty. It’s quality entertainment. If you haven’t seen the show, you should check it out. The entire first season is on Hulu and is worth watching just for the cadence of the main character’s speech pattern, alone. Caleb has got a pretty spot-on impression of him, and you can’t appreciate it as much if you’re not familiar with the show, so check it out! And while you’re in the mood to be checking things out, don’t forget to look through Johnny’s work on A Carrier of Fire and Wandering City Blues, our sister show, Dude Watches, and the Caleb’s show with his pal, Rafe Hates Caleb!

We also get into the definition of “session,” which apparently has something to do with drinking a lot of beer.

In keeping with holiday talk, Caleb treats us to the Grabowski history of white elephants and Will shares the importance of having a gift to open instead of giving gift cards. This episode is just chock full of holiday spirit! Also, we need a D&D DM, so if you’re keen to it, hit us up!

As always, thanks for listening!

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