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Dude OMG! 091 – Two Strippers, Hitler and Stalin

by Cord Culver on December 16, 2015


Hell, even Hitler and Stalin had nicknames!  Grabbo joins Lando, Bonesy Jonesy (or jonny with a capital J) and Cordgeous as they attempt to give Gary a nickname, debate the merits of Donald Trump, question the cleverness of Kevin McCallister, Grabbo and Jonesy Bonesy fight over the Oxford comma, give out coal to the deserving, and with their powers combined they become Captain Planet… well… not so much, but maybe. If they can ever figure out how to work the damn chant.

This week starts off with Cord attempting to bring Gary into the fold as the official fifth Beatle of Dude OMG! You’re welcome, Gariputo! (See? It works!) Cord also attempts to give everyone nicknames, but as you’ll see, that goes horribly. That’s what happens when you try to do something nice on Dude OMG!

Next up, Caleb and Jonny duke it out over the Oxford comma, and who’s been published (more). Here’s a hint: Jonny. Early on in the episode, the gang re-hashes the old days, and more specifically, some of the old fights the gang used to get into behind the scenes. In a fit of nostalgia, Grabbo tries pushing some of the old buttons. It goes as you’d expect.

In the spirit of Christmas, the gang tackles Home Alone 2, and who they’d give coal to. And in the spirit of giving out coal, the gang takes on Trump. The consensus is Trump made a bar bet with some of the other billionaires and he’s going to end up being President to make all of us look silly. Maybe it’s elaborate, but dammit if it ain’t working.

And finally, the gang attempts to figure out which Voltron lion they are, which goes disastrously (because Caleb is old and Power Rangers are stupid), BUT they successfully hand out power rings make the world’s WORST Captain Planet. You’re welcome, World, you’ve been saved from a pig-faced man in a Hawaiian shirt.

As always, thanks for listening.

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