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Dude OMG! 092 – Shitty Puns

by Cord Culver on January 6, 2016


It’s a new year and that means we’re back with a new Dude OMG!

In this week’s episode we discuss our Christmas break, New Year’s resolutions, cat shit, Ya’ll Qaeda (or Vanilla ISIS), ISIS getting trolled by Twitter, horrible people, and we get a Ramen update…kinda.

Unfortunately Caleb is out this week due to a kitty problem, which we as supportive friends exploit for our entertainment. Be forewarned, there are LOTS of cat puns. They’re not all purr-fect, but some of them are the cat’s meow. Afterwards we all catch up with each other’s Christmas break stories, and stumble right in to New Year’s resolutions. If you were listening at this time last year, they’re pretty much the same resolutions as we had back then. We’re nothing if not consistent. After resolutions we get into the news, which is basically terrorists getting trolled on Twitter, cowboys taking over a sanctuary and getting away with it, and horrible self-entitled bitches and the absurdity of “affluenza.” We cover it all!

Welcome back to the show ladies and gentlemen! We’re glad you’re back with us!

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