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Dude OMG! 094 – We Gotta Talk…

by Will Dutcher on January 20, 2016


Here’s the thing: I have no recollection what we talked about. There’s bits and pieces I can pick up (13 Hours, Blade, and Caleb’s dating prospects), but I can’t place my finger on any one specific theme. That’s a problem. I want to take some time to be perfectly honest with those of you that read this to let you know that–we know–the show’s been tame and pointless at some points. We need to completely tear down the foundation and rebuild. You deserve a show that you care about, and we want an audience that is engaged. I’ll speak for myself (Will, talking): I believe we’ve failed you, and I want to do better. What does that mean?

We have all talked and have come to a conclusion: we’re not entirely happy with the show. Dude Watches is easy for us to record because we have a set path, we have a goal and a through-line to get from A to B. With Dude OMG, it’s an amalgamation of many different things. Sometimes it worked, but often-times, it did not. Show prep was less than minimal and segues between topics was atrocious many times. I, myself, often think back to how ridiculous I sound in many of my ‘arguments’ where my whole point was “It’s just fucking stupid.” Gee. Great argument. Ugh.

We’ve got some things we’re talking about as far as going in a new direction. We still like and will continue to produce Dude Watches, but as far as Dude OMG, we need to come at that with a new mentality, if not for ourselves then for you guys. A reformat is in the highest order.

That said, we encourage any suggestions you may have, so please hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or our email ([email protected]). We’re asking for your help, so if you’ve got a free minute, let us know how you feel! For now, we’re signing off on Dude OMG until we have a product that is sustainable and worthy of everyone’s attention. We hope to re-gain your attention and strive to do better, with more focus.

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