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Dude OMG! 095 – Silence is Consent

by Will Dutcher on April 13, 2016


Hey, check it out. We never put up this Dude OMG where we go on a drunken rant about a lot of things. We’re all drinking in this episode, folks! Caleb is exceptionally liquored up, Cord’s sig-oth makes her debut, Jonny finally gets to talk about ramen, and Will drinks baby beers on account of him not being a fully grown man just yet.

We hope you like this special edition of Dude OMG, and to answer your questions, no we have no idea when this will be a regular thing again, but we can all say that without equivocation, this was one of the most fun-to-record episodes in a bit. Or was that the booze talking?

Hit us up at [email protected] if you have any ideas for the show. Anything to get us all together in a room; always a good time!

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