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Dude Reviews: Total Nutrition Weight Loss Stack

by Cord Culver on May 3, 2015

I’ve been thinking about doing a review of my “weight loss” stack from Total Nutrition for a couple of weeks, mainly because of how I feel since I’ve started using the supplements involved and I feel like I’m talking about them a lot. The second reason is because I find it difficult to find a legitimate, straight forward review of supplements that don’t feel rushed, or only provide a “it worked for me” or “it didn’t” kind of summation. So, today, I’m going to take you through my experience with Total Nutrition, the supplements I purchased and how they’re working. First things first: I have no affiliation with Total Nutrition and if it seems like I’m schilling for them it’s only because this is where I bought my supplements and if I’m going to review them, I have to review the place I bought them.

Total Nutrition:

On the whole, I really liked my experience with Total Nutrition. The location I went to was a small store with a small staff. It was very well stocked, very clean and very friendly. My conversation with the sales rep was straight forward, but I could tell that I was clearly being pitched. I am the kind of customer that’s their bread and butter. An individual trying to lose weight walks and says “I just started working out, what do you recommend?” and then they pitch you on their magic supplies. While the pitch is incredibly informative, which I appreciated, I knew it was rehearsed because I heard the other sales rep saying the same exact thing to another customer– so I get it. They’re making money and they know how to do it. That being said, it only slightly detracted from the over all experience. My sales rep broke down what each supplement did, how and why it worked, how long to use it for, and even went so far as to write on each bottle when to take and what the dosage was. I have never experienced that level of care, ever, from any other supplier. I will definitely be returning to Total Nutrition for my supplements.

Intek Evolution Chocolate Protein Powder:

Okay, this stuff is amazing. One, it tastes fantastic. It’s not hard to drink at all. In terms of protein powder, sure it tastes like a protein shake, but it’s pretty good. Two, it’s thin. Like, super thin. I can mix it with water and have zero clumps left over. It mixes so well I can chug it. As a matter of fact, I often do. I don’t experience any bloating afterwards, it doesn’t upset my stomach and I can generally eat within 30 mins of drinking one without feeling gross. I love this stuff. There’s about 160 calories per scoop with 30 grams of protein in each. I’ve tried other proteins from BSN, and Myoplex and this is hands down my favorite.

Muscle Sport International BCAA Revolution Intra-Workout NRG Firecracker Blast:

That’s a mouthful. Basically, this is branch chain amino acids with caffeine to drink before or during your work out. Now, about 2 weeks before I started working out again I kicked all caffeine so my sensitivity to the stuff has gone way up. That being said, this stuff gives me a ton of energy in the gym. I can crush it during my workout and finish strong with a 30-40 mins of cardio and be wasted, but have had the energy to complete the workout. It’s fantastic and it tastes pretty good.

Pure Clinical Laboratories Pure Recovery Glutamine Mix:

Depending on the workout, I’ll throw one or two scoops of this into my post-workout protein shake. On big muscle group days like legs, back and chest I’ll throw two scoops in and the following 2-3 days, I’m fine. I can be a little stiff, a little sore, but it definitely helps with the recovery. It’s a little sweet so it can kick the flavor of the protein up a notch– maybe even a little too sweet, but it’s a great product. No complaints.

Nutracore Nutrition Purify LGC Detox Formula:

Okay, so this stuff is supposed to coat your stomach and intestinal lining to help move out the excess crap in your stomach. Does it do that? I dunno. Does it make you poop out all the garbage you’ve been holding on to? I dunno. Does it make you poop out what you just ate? YES. Absolutely. This stuff moves bowels, okay. When the rep pitched me on this he said it helped get rid of the excess stuff we hold on to and it won’t make you poop your brains out, but it’ll help stuff move, well, it definitely helps stuff move. I can count on 2-4 easy movements a day. There’s no constipation or struggling to worry about (if that’s something you worry about). All I know is, it cleans you out, effectively.

Nutracore Nutrition Somnitrim Nighttime Forumla:

This stuff is supposed to keep your metabolism going while you sleep. Does it do that? I dunno– I’m sleeping. The pitch was that there’s a little bit of melatonin in this to help you sleep and it ramps up your metabolism while you sleep. I can tell you this much. I sleep like a baby on this stuff. Lights out/lights on. I have noticed no bad dreams (for those worried about the melatonin) and on the rare occasion that I don’t fall asleep right away, I get a little jittery, so I do think it’s working through out the night. The rep told me that some people have had tremendous success using this, and even internet search reviews have positive things to say about it. As far as I’m concerned, it helps me sleep like a champ and I love it for that fact alone.


This stuff is the bedrock of my stack. I love this stuff. I’ve always been wary of appetite suppressants but honestly, in the past few years my diet has gotten out of control and I’ve found it very difficult to control my appetite and make solid food decisions. This thing helps with all of that. First, the suppression. The suppression element of this works fantastically. I find myself filling up quickly, even after small meals, which allows me to control my portions. Each meal for me (of which there are about 6) is roughly 300 calories. I fill up pretty quickly beyond that much. Somehow this product allows me to focus on the food I’m eating and make better food choices. I don’t crave junk, and in fact, I’m turned off by junk so no candy or soda or garbage cravings which I appreciate. Additionally I can focus on my exercises in a way I was never able to before. I can really devote a lot of brain power to targeting the muscles I’m using in any given movement. I really like this product and I have zero shakes or jitters. I will say this, there is one con and that is that sometimes it can make me a little gaggy. I have yet to puke on it, but it definitely makes me a little gaggy in the morning. It’s one small side effect for all the good it seems to be doing.

Men’s One-A-Day Multivitamin:

It’s a multivitamin. It tastes like a multivitamin. It was on sale at Target. That’s it.


So there you have it, a review of my weight loss stack from Total Nutrition. I’d like to point out that the rep at Total Nutrition billed this as a bodyweight loss stack. That’s important because he’s not talking strictly fat loss. Some people get confused about the two. This stack, coupled with a strong diet plan and a strong exercise plan has definitely started me out on the right track. I’m just starting my fourth week and I’ve made a lot of progress. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will just say that I feel amazing. I’ve put forth a lot of effort to reform my diet, kick processed anything, and taking these supplements helps me to bring it in the gym. The gains [losses] are slow coming but that’s how it should be and I owe a lot of the success I’m having to this supplement stack.


Thanks for reading. I hope this provided you with some of the insight that I felt was missing from reviews out there.


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