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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E1

by Will Dutcher on May 17, 2016


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Caleb and Will are back with another Dude Watches…, this time focusing on the 8-part Hulu series 11-22-63, starring James Franco, Chris Cooper, and Josh Duhamel. It’s an extremely good book, published by Stephen King in 2011, and the series looks to be just as captivating.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and Jake Epping from Lisbon, Maine is going back in time to try and stop it. Oh, and there will be obstacles along the way!

Al Templeton, a friend of Jake’s, runs Al’s Diner, which has been selling the best on-campus burgers for under $1.50 for years. How does Al sell these world-class burgers at Third World prices? He uses aged beef. You see, Al’s got a portal in his closet that goes back in time. To be precise, it drops him off at 11:58 am on October 21, 1960–some three years before Kennedy’s assassination. Al shares his portal with a soon-to-be-divorced school teacher (Epping) with the aim of stopping the tragic event and all those that followed it (Vietnam war, Nixon, Cold War, 9/11, etc.).

This week, we talk about the premise of the show, whether or not we would be willing to do some of the things Epping does, Stephen King’s It and Dark Tower series, Harry Dunning’s unfortunate past, carving up a tree, and digging up cell phone fossils. Please join us on this pilot episode and let us know your thoughts by reaching out to us at [email protected].

Caleb and I both enjoyed the show, and gave the pilot episode an 8.5/10. We eagerly await the next episode which will dive a little more into the horrible life Harry Dunning has lived at the hands and hammer of his father.

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