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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E3

by Will Dutcher on May 4, 2016


This week on Dude Watches 11.22.63, Will and Caleb review episode three, “Other Voices, Other Rooms.” The episode picks up immediately following Jake’s brutal take down of Frank. After having sold Bill on being from the future, Jake and Bill travel to Dallas. One night-terror later, Jake and Bill become besties. In Dallas, Jake gives Bill the weirdest sight-seeing tour ever full of exposition and fun facts. The gang turn their attention on General Walker – Lee Harvey Oswald’s first target. Like any good buddy cop movie, Jake and Bill go to a strip club, meet the killer of a presidential assassin, find three rental properties, and Jake even gets a job! Things are fine for the next two years. They have to be because the show skips ahead to 1962 at this point.

Two years later, Jake bumps into that pretty blonde lady from episode one, Sadie. The two catch up while chaperoning a dance, stealing cigarettes, booze, and spike punch from the students. Jake runs off to bug the Oswald house. The Oswalds come home and do it. Bill gets a boner. Jake finds an escape route. Spiders happen. Guess who’s back? George is back. George deMORESHINEDETER. Oh and this homophobic shitlord steals all of their fun spy equipment. They steal it back and scare a kid. This episode also features one of the greatest scenes from the entire series. Jake absolutely wrecks this ginger racist. I would say more but justice still would not be done. Seriously, this scene makes watching the show worth it. Even Ms. Mimi approves. Despite abandoning Sadie to bug an apartment, Jake still wins her heart and makes out with her on the clock. Finally, at what can only be considered a Trump-esque rally, Jake and Bill find Oswald and Georgie. Afterward, Oswald loses his shit. Solid episode–two more 8.5s from Caleb and Will. Don’t be a fascist, check it out!

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