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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E4

by Will Dutcher on May 11, 2016


This week on Dude Watches 11.22.63, Will and Caleb review episode four, “The Eyes of Texas.” The episode starts off with Jake and Bill following the Oswalds from Fort Worth to Dallas – setting up easily the strangest sitcom plot ever. Oswald practices disassembling and reassembling his rifle because well… PTSD is a mother fucker. We meet baby Oswald and realize that this guy has a legit family. He’s crazy. But also, he has a family – and they’re still around. Such an odd legacy to think about. Know what else is odd to think about? Dustin Diamond in Bumfights!

Moving on, Jake encourages Bill to stop falling in love with Mrs. Oswald because seriously, what good can come from it. We also learn that Jake is terrible at making sure no one is around. His boss then gives him the location of a good fuck spot? Because the 60s really were an era of free love, right? George meets up with Oswald and promises to introduce him to some friends. Jake and Bill get plot boners as things finally begin to head toward the endgame. We also learn Stephen King may own several hats, all of which may be made from tinfoil. Ms. Mimi turns about to be a fan of Nancy Drew and digs up dirt on Jake’s past. Jake pretends his life is the plot to The Godfather Part 2, much like many of Caleb’s peers from high school. Mimi decides to relationship advise Jake. Sadie and Jake totally have sex. Jake is paranoid like whoa now because envelopes are scary. Did one hour photo development places exist in the 60s? Were they open in the middle of the night? Is having a nearby darkroom able to process film really that believable? Who knows. Arguably the first plot hole. Jake and Bill find a cool sex club. Jake gets arrested and has his boss bail him out. Dafuq bro?

Jake meets Sadie’s husband. We’ll put a pin in that at the moment. Jake trails George to the CIA meet up. A troll dog keeps Jake from hearing anything important. Jake bumps into the clothespin dick again who reveals his identity as the photographer of Jake and Sadie’s sexy time adventure party. Jake wrecks this dude. Seriously, dude is on suicide watch. #tyrannosaurusrekt – Meanwhile, Oswald is knocking around his wife and Bill is getting ready to wreck his shit. Jake stops him. They beef. They bro hug it out. Sadie hears Jake’s collection of weird Russian sex tapes. The plot thickens

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