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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E5

by Will Dutcher on May 18, 2016


This week on Dude Watches 11.22.63, Caleb and Will discuss “The Truth.” They do their best to contain their love for this show but they’re still both super biased. Unfortunately for Jake, Deke has had enough of his shit and fires him for being creepy and weird around Sadie. #seemslegit

In other news, Bill and Jake provide the audience with an in-depth walkthrough of the super popular Walker assassination attempt. Not only that – they go out of their way to point out just how prepared they are for the past to push back. (Spoiler alert: They weren’t prepared). As Jake is packing his shit, the plot calls – turns out Jonny doesn’t like being emasculated (despite his clothespin). Jonny kidnaps Sadie! Jonny cuts Sadie’s face! Jonny pours Jake a glass of bleach! Jake’s all, “I’m not going to drink that…” And Jonny’s all, “But you gotta or I’m gonna kill you both,” Then the doorbell rings! Back in Dallas, Bill and Marina are becoming BFFs for realsies. Then Bill meets Lee! They’re going to be BFFs too! #threescompany Like a good Biggie lyric, Jake throws the bleach into Jonny’s eyes! Epic boyfriend/husband fight ensues! j/k not really – Jake makes uses of a fire poker and Sadie makes use of a gun. Like that, Jonny is gone.

Flash over to Bill! He’s trying to watch Lee shoot at Walker! The past pushes back! Remember that spoiler alert? Yea… Bill fucked up. #youhadonejob Jake finds out Bill fucked up. It turns out the doctor from Arrested Development had a dad who lived in Dallas in the 1960s. Turns out, 11.22.63 and Arrested Development exist in the same universe. Jake tells Sadie he’s from the future. She’s okay with it. #whynot

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