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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E6

by Will Dutcher on May 25, 2016


This week on Dude Watches 11.22.63, Caleb and Will discuss episode six, “Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald.” This episode was a doozy.

We rejoin our heroes six months into the future! What the eff! First time jump of the series (not counting the time jump backwards), will it be the last? We pick up in Dallas, nearly a month before the day in question with Lee getting a job! Unfortunately, the job is at the Texas School Book Repository Suppository Depository. You know, studies have shown people with jobs are less likely to break the law, maybe Lee has turned over a new leaf… Bill thinks so! At least when he’s not making moves on Lee’s wife, Marina! Bill is a dick now, he was cool, now he’s not. Bill is all pissy-pants with Jake because Jake’s never around and he’s hanging out with Scarface (his words not mine). But hey, what doesn’t bring together friends like a birthday party! The whole gang is there, Bill, George, Jake, Lee, Marina, Lee’s mom, and several other Russian characters. Things get a little fucky at the party and Lee finds a bug! #ohno Meanwhile, Jake’s been gambling big in order to win enough money to pay for Sadie’s plastic surgery! What could possibly go wrong? (Spoiler alert: Everything).

We see the return of the Yellow Card Man and we can make out the Ouroboros ring on said card. So much semiology! Things go sideways in the operating room and Sadie nearly dies! Jake later has Bill committed because well, he thinks Bill is going to be the second shooter. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Jake later pulls out his enhanced interrogation techniques on George and learns some awkward truths. Later, Jake gets the living shit kicked out of him by a bookie and his band of pissed off lackies! Jake’s in the hospital seeing shit and who knows just how long he’s been unconscious!?

Will he wake up with enough to stop the assassination? Will Sadie be waiting for him? Will Bill still be locked up? Is Lee acting alone? The answers to these questions and more, next week! Maybe

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