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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E7

by Will Dutcher on June 1, 2016


Hi everybody! This week, we’re back with episode 7 of Stephen King’s 11.22.63, “Soldier Boy“–not to be confused at all with Soulja Boy!

We pick up the discussion following Jake’s brutal beat down by the Texas Bookies. Jake drifts in and out of conscious and seems as if he’s slipping back and forth between timelines. Chris Cooper and Anderson Cooper are both there – no relation. Jake sees his ex-wife and Sadie. The whole sequence disorients the viewer. Then the episode uses one of the most annoying scene transition devices yet. After every scene, we’re given a painful reminder of just how much time is left before the assassination of JFK. We learn a lot in this episode. Ms. Mimi died! Oh no! Jake has amnesia! Oh no! Bill has been receiving electroshock therapy! Oh no! Bill commits suicide! Oh no! Jake battles an addiction to pain meds! Oh no! Lee Harvey Oswald makes a scene at the FBI! Oh no! Jake and Sadie attempt to piece together Jake’s past in Dallas and bump into Lee Harvey.

The memories all come rushing back into Jake’s head. He goes to the kitchen to get himself a knife to kill Lee Harvey but stops. Lee uses his newborn baby as a human shield, well not intentionally anyway. New plan! Jake’s going to steal Lee Harvey’s gun! No gun, no assassination! Remember folks, guns don’t kill people. Jake does. After one of the most bullshit stories is told to the most gullible woman alive, Jake and Sadie are still unable to find the rifle. Jake and Sadie road trip to Dallas to await Lee Harvey on the morning of 11/22. Jake has, what can only be described as, an out-of-body experience in which he meets the Yellow Card Man for realsies. This guy is all about self-fulfilling prophecies and is basically the manifestation of the past pushing back.

Jake and Sadie oversleep (of course) and the car battery has died (double of course). They rush off on foot to the school book depository! Lee Harvey walks into work carrying his rifle in a brown paper bag. NO ONE ASKS WHAT IT IS! WHERE IS THE SECRET SERVICE? #dafuqbro The episode ends with Lee Harvey setting up his shooter’s nest on the 6th floor. WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?

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