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Dude Watches – 11-22-63 – S1E8

by Will Dutcher on June 8, 2016


Well. We’ve come to the end of the road. The finale of 11.22.63, “The Day in Question.” First of all, Will and I would like to thank everyone who has listened to this series of Dude Watches. We had a ton of fun watching and recording these episodes! If there’s another show or movie, you’d like us to watch, please let us know!

Okay, down to business. Jake and Sadie rush off to the book depository. And here we thought, they parked close to the venue. As they’re running through the crowds, the ghosts of the past as well as Randall Flagg all start pushing back. The past starts changing itself and Jake can’t figure out why. Inside the depository, REDRUM! And other graffiti! Your the patsy now! Jake and Sadie finally make it the 6th floor just as Lee Harvey fires and misses. Jake enters the final boss fight for the game of his life. If you think we’re going to spoil the rest of the episode here, you are mistaken! Some craziness goes down! Don’t bring a book to a gun fight! People die! The FBI shows up! Does Jack Ruby make another appearance?! Maybe!

What happens when Jake goes back through the portal!? What happened to Harry?! We’re pretty sure Trump is the president when Jake gets back to 2016. Looks like he made America great again! Will Jake live with the choices he’s made in the 60s? Or will he Control+Alt+Delete reality?? Will Jake become the man with the yellow card? IS JAKE ALREADY THE MAN WITH THE YELLOW CARD! DID JAKE SHOOT J.R.? DID HE SHOOT MR. BURNS?! WAS HE ASLEEP THE WHOLE TIME?? WAS THIS ALL HIS IMAGINATION BECAUSE HE’S REALLY A CHILD WITH AUTISM IN A HOSPITAL?? DID HE GET SHOT BY HIS OWN GUN AND DIE JUST AS THE FEDS SHOW UP?? DID HE SACRIFICE HIMSELF SO HIS FRIENDS COULD LEAVE THE ISLAND?? DID THE SHOW JUST CUT TO BLACK?? The answers to these questions and more, this week on Dude Watches! Oh and there some REALLY bad impersonations in this episode. I mean really bad.

Until next time, enjoy!!

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