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Dude Watches – Burn After Reading

by Will Dutcher on March 1, 2017


Hey gang. It’s Caleb. This week me and the fellas are discussing Joel & Ethan Coen’s Burn After Reading. Personally, I love this movie. Having previously worked in the Intelligence Community, I feel it is an apt portrayal of the industry. I know countless people who suffered similar fates to John Malkovich’s Osbourne Cox. Just last week, I heard about a CIA agent murdering ANOTHER gym manager with a hatchet in the streets of Georgetown. This movie works on many levels for me. The casting is superb. Brad Pitt. George Clooney. J.K. Simmons. Frances McDormand. Richard Jenkins. Tilda Swinton. And of course Mr. Malkovich. The Coen Brothers must have had some stellar consultants working with them for this film. I love it. Cord loves it less than me. Will hated it. Surprise surprise. I highly recommend watching it. Burn After Reading is definitely my favorite Coen Brothers movie. What’s yours? The Big Lebowski? Raising Arizona? O Brother, Where Art Thou? Let us know!

We also start off way off topic. We end off topic too. There’s prison talk. Weird sex stories. You know. Typical Dude OMG crap. Check out the episode. Let us know what you think!

Next week is “Logan,” which is going to be a fun show! We’re also going to hang out and probably play drinking games eat dinner.

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