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Dude Watches – Deadpool

by Cord Culver on February 16, 2016


Here you go, folks! Dude Watches does a Special Edition review of Deadpool (a film of such high art deserves a review from the refined tastes that bring you such classic works as “I punched my stepmom for stealing my Nintendo; I ain’t got no shit with that and Episode 30).

The last time we did this we did it for Age of Ultron, and we had a completely different experience. In the case of Ultron we had an awesome theater with a “meh” movie, THIS time, we had a shit theater with a fucking killer movie! To give you an idea, we all gave it an 8 or more. Yeah, even Caleb liked it, and you know how he feels about Ryan Reynolds’ humor. But let’s talk about the theater for a second. Without naming names this place did not have its shit together. Will and Jonny missed the first trailer because the guy behind the counter couldn’t find cups. Think on that for a second. Cord got attitude for asking for a tray to carry snacks. They can’t find cups and don’t have trays and have the stones to charge 13 bucks a ticket! But whatever… Now… on to Deadpool.

As stated above, the entire gang gave it an 8 or above and we spent the majority of this episode laughing about the jokes that stuck with us. Is it a perfect movie? No, but did it succeed in bringing Deadpool to life? Absolutely! Tons of jokes, plenty of gratuitous violence, a fair share of nudity, and lots of foul language. It’s everything you expect it to be without souring. We get in to some spoiler territory but not much, so you don’t have to worry much about that. This episode is basically us talking about the jokes we enjoyed, and discussing some of the issues we had with the film.

All we can say definitively is, it’s worth seeing… maybe even twice! 3/4 of us will buy it.

Oh side note, we go off on this weird tangent about Jurassic World and Jurassic Park… so… there’s that.


As always, thanks for listening!

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