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Dude Watches – Frailty

by Will Dutcher on February 22, 2017


Some things aren’t the way that you remember them. That’s too bad.

I remember watching “Frailty” many years ago, probably the weekend it came out on DVD, and I liked it a lot. Knowing the ins and outs of this movie, though, and the big plot twist, it just does not hold up this time.

Frailty is about a father and his two sons, and their ability to cope with being a demon-slaying troupe. Bill Paxton has some kind of episode while working on someone’s car and a flaming-sword angel-man gives him a list of people that are actually demons. What’s more, Bill must murder these bastards. He tells his sons, one of which is all for it, and the other one’s all like, “Nah, I dunno about that, pops.” Long story short, people (demons?) are killed and the boys’ lives are forever changed that year.

It’s a movie that you watch once and you might really dig it–I did. But then, upon subsequent viewings, you already know the big twist, so it’s an exercise in seeing how long you can sit and watch this poorly-directed movie. It’s frustrating.

Bottom line, if you’ve never seen it, watch it once. We’re all on board with a 7 to 8, in that respect. But the next viewing, we all ranged from a 5 to a 5.5.

Next week is “Burn After Reading,” which is Caleb’s suggestion. I hear there’s a dildo chair.

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