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Dude Watches – Game of Thrones – S07E03

by Will Dutcher on August 3, 2017


The hits keep on coming! Not only do D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have another outstanding episode, but Daenerys and company are dealt another devastating blow at Casterly Rock. Cersei gets some sweet revenge on Ellaria for poisoning and killing her only daughter, Myrcella. She’s going a step further with her revenge in forcing Ellaria to watch her daughter decompose–but that’s justice. Grey Worm and crew (through the magic of fast travel?) arrive at not-fully-defended Casterly Rock only for the camera to zoom in on Jaime in Highgarden, poisoning the Tyrell matriarch, Olenna. There’s a lot of poison going on in this show, actually. Sam does good work, and gets more work assigned to him; could the texts and scrolls he’s to copy contain secrets to help the defeat of the White Walkers? Sansa is flexing her leadership muscles in Winterfell. John is a free prisoner in Dragonstone. Jorah is cured and goes skin-to-skin with Sam. There’s just so much of that good good going on in this episode, there’s “no fat” (to quote Cord). We’ve only got a total of 10 episodes until the series is over, which include only 4 more this season! Are you ready for the end just yet?

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