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Dude Watches – Game of Thrones – S07E04

by Will Dutcher on August 10, 2017


Game of Thrones scores another 10/10 with this episode, “The Spoils of War”. We’re treated to the happy reunion between Sansa and Arya and the awkward goodbye between Bran and Meera. We see Arya retrieving the dagger that was meant to kill Bran way back from Season 1. We’re witness to Arya manhandling the talented swordslady Brienne of Tarth. Jon and Davos disover the dragonglass. Daenerys has a total Neverending Story moment with Drogon and the Lannister Army. Bronn shoots a huge crossbow. Jaime, in an attempt to kill Daenerys, is tackled into Blackwater Rush before Drogon torches him. So many great scenes in this show, the shortest of this season, if not ever.

Toward the end of the show, Caleb and Will hypothesize on what might happen with Randyll Tarley and Sansa Stark. What are your predictions?

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