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Dude Watches – Game of Thrones – S07E05

by Will Dutcher on August 17, 2017


Sansa and Arya are heading towards a fight, Baelish is getting ducks in rows, and the Westerosi A-Team is heading north of the wall in this week’s Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones. Randyll and Dickon Tarley are hot for Daenerys, refusing to bend the knee. Sam’s pissed at the lack of interest of the impending end of mankind, so he bounces–all while Gilly confirms Jon’s legitimacy as a Targaryen, vice a Snow/bastard. Tyrion and Jaime have a bit of a chat while Davos is just out getting Gendry back.

This episode was not all sword-swinging and battles, but there was a definite build toward the penultimate season 7 episode. There was a lot of character development and exposition, though the time-to-travel is definitely coming into question. While Caleb and Cord weren’t as enthralled with this week’s episode (I stand by my 10!), they rated it a respectable 8. Next week looks bad-ass, with Dondarion’s flaming sword! Who’s going to be killed? Anyone? A major character? Beric? Thoros? Drogon? WHO???

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