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Dude Watches – Game of Thrones – S07E06

by Cord Culver on August 24, 2017


Ohhh snap, we have an undead ice dragon! Man, we love Game of Thrones— travel issues aside. Dead dragons, LOTS of wights(?), and some pretty strange physics make this episode the most”Hollywood-movie-like-episode” of the show so far. We pretty much agree, this episode is what GoT is like when George Martin doesn’t have a book written to explain the intricacies of the story. Pretty solid scores from us across the board, and like Caleb says, “A Game of Thrones ‘7’ is a Jessica Jones ’10.'” We also make predictions on who is going to die next episode and we’re all pretty hopeful it’s Little Finger. Eff that guy– he needs to go.

On a separate note, Dude Watches copyrights the buddy cop adventures of Clegane and Giantsbane. Don’t steal our ideas! We wont write the shit, but it was our idea first!

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