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Dude Watches – Game of Thrones – S07E07

by Cord Culver on August 30, 2017


What do you get when you combine Aunt/Nephew incest, fire-breathing ice dragons, and the execution of traitorous brothel owners? The season finale of  Game of Thrones, of course!

Not that there’s a lot to unpack here that you loyal watchers didn’t already pick up on, but yeah, Bran and Sam reveal John’s true name, John then gets in on with Dany, Tyrion has a reunion with Cersei that goes his way(ish) while Jaimie has a similar meeting that does not. Carry on my wayward, son! Am I right?! The Hound and the Mountain have a staring contest, Cersei is NOT a fan of the Walking Dead, and, oh, by the way, she wants to betray everyone (OF COURSE, duh– you knew that was coming) again. Finally, the super mutant undead ice dragon messes up the wall like democracy in Berlin in the 80s. *I think that’s right.*

Anyhow, that’s it for Dude Watches Game of Thrones…

Join us next time for a show that probably isn’t nearly as good. (Editor’s note: SOLD IT!)

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