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Dude Watches – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

by Cord Culver on May 16, 2017


You guys are in for a real treat! We stuffed our guts with Mexican food and took in a Saturday matinee of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. So strap in and listen as we recap and review GotGv2.

Cord: I managed to stay away from spoilers and reviews as long as I possibly could and couldn’t be more thankful that I did. I walked into GotGv2 as spoiler free as possible. Everything from the story, to the effects, to the acting and humor and emotions was a joy to take in. Everything about the characters has evolved and polished, the action is bigger and better, the heart of the team is front and center… there isn’t a thing to complain about. James Gunn et al have done a fantastic job bringing these characters to life and giving the Avengers franchise a run for its money. Easily one of the most enjoyable movie going experiences I’ve had in a while. Go see it– no question. 9.5/10.


What’s not to love with this movie? Chris Pratt is ripped, Groot is adorable, and Rocket gets emotional. In fact, all the heroes get emotional in this movie. We open the movie some time in the future from where Guardians Vol. 1 left off and they’re fighting a giant slug-octopus thing. The intro credits were pretty kick-ass. Makes me wonder how much money is spent on that kinda stuff. Star Lord’s father, Ego (played by Kurt Russell), finds our titular hero and his crew, invites him to his planet (or rather, himself), and attempts to use him as a battery. This movie has a lot of great one-liners (“I’m gonna build some weird shit!”) and pumps plenty of emotion into the movie (everyone has a cry/tear scene!). This is really an excellent movie, and if not for a few jokes that I think fell flat involving Nebula, I might have given it a 10. But you can’t keep jokes the audience can see from a mile away! That doesn’t take away from this being a top 3 Marvel movie, in my opinion. Go see it! 9.5/10

Caleb: I’m surprised I remembered my write-up and Billy forgot. He must have been so overwhelmed with emotion following the viewing of GotG2. Never in my life did I think female leads colored green, gold, and purple would be such a turn-on. Boy, what a time to be alive. The characters developed in GotG1 further grow and the new characters we meet – Mantis and Ego are equally as developed. We also get to see more dimensions to our secondary characters of Yondu and Kraglin(sp?). Such a fun adventure. If you loved the first movie, check this one out. You probably should have already seen it. This may be one of my favorite Marvel movies. 9.5/10

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