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Dude Watches – Iron Fist – S1E01, S1E02, & S1E03

by Will Dutcher on March 22, 2017


We’re back into watching a Netflix series, this time with the Netflix/Marvel original, “Iron Fist,” starring Finn Jones. The series is about Danny Rand who returns to civilization after having been thought dead for the previous 15 years. What’s more, he has 51% ownership of a company and is worth billions of dollars. He’s got an ability where he can channel his chi into his right hand (his ‘Iron Fist’) and unleash a shit-ton of havoc. The series also stars Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, David Wenham, and Tom Pelphrey. It’s received some lackluster reviews from a good deal of the review outlets, but we are hopeful; or at least Cord and Will are. It can’t be worse than Jessica Jones, can it?

Stick with us the next four weeks as we review Iron Fist in preparation for the series finale of The Leftovers, which airs on HBO on April 16th.


You’ll hear Caleb’s take on the things I’ll note here and he’s got an alternative view. His opinions aren’t necessarily wrong; they’re just not as right as mine. I enjoyed the choreography and the character of Danny Rand. I dug the backstory how Danny has been gone for a decade and a half and how he’s worth billions but cares nothing for the money. I don’t like the characters of Joy or Ward who seem forced and contrived to me. I want to know more about K’un Lun and Madame Gao’s connection to Harold Meachum. I want to see how they integrate all the characters into the individual worlds of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and eventually, Punisher. I’m with Caleb in that I’m not so optimistic on the “Defenders” series, just because I don’t trust the inequality with all the writers. Where Daredevil and Luke Cage feel like living worlds and they each have character, Jessica Jones did not. And the latter half of Luke Cage was kind of busted, as Caleb pointed out. I’m nervous for this show, given some of the ratings, but I’ve learned not to trust in full what others say because our opinions don’t always align (and they shouldn’t). They’re likely just going to end up being less right than mine, anyway. 7.25/10.


After the Jessica Jones debacle, I’m a little nervous when it comes to Marvel shows on Netflix. The first season of Daredevil is great while the second couldn’t hold my attention. Jessica Jones was an effort to watch and despite my optimism, I haven’t committed to watching Luke Cage. So going in to Iron Fist, a character I know very little about and basically consider the good version of The Mandarin, I was a bit nervous. The first episode did nothing to settle those nerves. The episode spent a lot of time hammering home that no one believes him, he sounds pretty crazy, and obviously he has some serious PTSD to deal with. Also, all of the supporting characters are dicks. And while I enjoyed the second episode and my curiosity is piqued revolving around the Senior Meachum, I still wasn’t sold. By the third episode, however, I felt somewhat settled in. By the third episode I’d accepted that Danny is a really rich David Carradine, and everyone else is terrible, except for the Sensei/Gym Owner/vigilante/street fight chick– she’s cool. Overall I am cautiously optimistic that Iron Fist will take me somewhere and the story will pay off, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the entire 13-episode run was built to facilitate the Defenders and there won’t be any grand revelations like in Daredevil. Like I said, “cautiously optimistic.” 7.5/10.


This show feels like it’s going to be a trainwreck. But the boys are cautiously optimistic, so I guess I need to be too. I think the fight choreography is poor. I think most of the acting is poor. I feel like I cannot relate to most of the characters. Danny Rand is a poor shell of a protagonist with no clear motivation or personality other than the trauma he uses to define his person. Joy and Ward try to be dynamic characters but fall flat and feel shitty. Colleen Wing is a mish mash of conviction and contradiction. Howard Meachum is a strange villain who tries to be menacing and quirky at the same time. The supporting cast exist simply as a means to push the “plot” along. Big Al? Loved him. Good thing they killed him off in the first episode. The actual Iron Fist? Enjoyed it. Good thing they waited nearly two hours for its first appearance. That being said, each episode did improve on the one before it. So maybe by the end of the first season, we’ll have some quality television to watch. Feels like The Young Pope. But then again, if this shows ends as strongly as Young Pope did, well fuck, I’ll fist myself. 2 Fists out of 5

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