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Dude Watches – Iron Fist – S1E04, S1E05, & S1E06

by Cord Culver on March 29, 2017


Here it is boys and girls, round two of Iron Fist. This time we settle in for episodes 4, 5, and 6 which shows us a little more exposition on characters. Danny Rand is playing I-wish-you’d-be-my-dad with Harold. Joy is hot and cold then mild. Ward is a druggie. Claire is back for some reason–why can’t Luke Cage show her how to box? :/ Colleen has a threesome in the pit-fighting ring. Madame Gao slow-walks all over the set. One dude loses his head and another dude nearly dies from synthetic heroin, both courtesy of the Hand.


So, I made the mistake of watching this show in a 5-episode-run, then taking a break. Stepping away from the show I realize how disposable the whole thing feels. Everything feels forgettable. And I stand by my previous statement: this entire show was thrown together to get from Point A to Point B so that we can have the Defenders. ‘Forgettability’ aside, I don’t have any issues with any one person in the cast, or the choreographed fights, however the dialogue leaves a bit to be desired. Initially the overt homages to the Kung Fu television series bothered me, but now I recognize it as a stylistic choice that the show is committed to maintaining. Overall, these 3 episodes are forgettable, and a little clunky, but not unenjoyable. 7/10.


I liked episodes 4 and 5 but 6 fell flat for me. I’d read somewhere about giving away a huge plot-point so early with episode 4, involving Harold Meachum and his dying from cancer only to be brought back to life by the Hand. It seems, in my opinion, like a reach by the writers to develop a plot point. It didn’t really do anything to spice up the story, because the Hand are such a weak antagonist for this series. They’re the Foot Clan in a show that curses, but they’re less inept.

Let’s talk about what I liked and didn’t: I like Colleen Wing’s character, though I’m with Caleb in that she’s a pretty terrible actress. Her choreography is good, though, and I enjoy her fight scenes. Rosario Dawson is back as Claire, and she’s never bad to look at. While I like her character, I don’t need to see her in every Marvel series, though. This is something Caleb and I disagree on. Here’s what else I don’t like: Joy’s hot and cold character arc. She’s afraid of Danny, but hopeful, in a couple episodes. She’s ruthless in a couple. She allows herself to be bossed around in others. Who the hell is Joy? This isn’t, to me, a multi-dimensional character–it’s a group of writers who can’t agree on who she is. Lastly, I have to say the mid-season fight with the Hand was super anti-climactic. Granted, it’s not supposed to be a be-all-end-all, but it was so lame! The fighting was stale (especially with the woman–Alessa?). The camera moved around far too much. It was dark. There’s never that much fog in any building. That episode knocked it down a peg or two for me. In the end, I settled with the score I gave it last week: 7.25/10.


I enjoyed these three episodes more than the first three. Episode 4 is the strongest of the series so far for me. But then again, I kinda called that last week. Miguel Sapochnick can do wrong in my book at this point. Please don’t refer me to something shitty he’s done. Please don’t. That being said, episode 5 left something to be desired. Better than the first three but closer to them in quality than 4. And episode 6? Loved it. Second favorite of the series so far. But then again, I love Wu-Tang. RZA was one of my childhood heroes. I enjoyed most of the episode but it still had its problems. I wish the show was more consistent in theme, tone, action, pacing, character development, and structure. If this were Marvel’s first Netflix series, it would be excusable. But it’s not. With Daredevil setting the bar pretty high, Iron Fist seems to suffering the most trying to clear that hurdle. 3 Fists Out of 5


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