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Dude Watches – Iron Fist – S1E07, S1E08, & S1E09

by Cord Culver on April 5, 2017


Welcome back, folks, to the weekly Kung-fu gripe session that is Dude Watches: Iron Fist. This week we review and recap episodes 7,8 & 9. Coleen and Danny get naked Mischief’s of Mayhem-style, the Iron Fist is not just a fighter, but a lover and a healer, Madame Gao get’s tied up, Claire just sort of complains, Ward kills Harold and Harold sort of dies and then rises like a Norwegian Jesus, and apparently, Vanilla is not an acceptable ice cream to ask for. All of this and more, on this week’s Iron Fist.


So, this week, I’m trying really hard to highlight the positive aspects of the show, as well as the negatives. I recognize that I can be pretty hard to please when it comes to television and I don’t want it to seem like all I do is bitch about the shows we watch. That being said, this show pisses me off. Iron Fist is like a high school relationship: one day it’s hot, the next day it’s cold, there are mind games and secrets, and even field trips that end poorly. Episode 7 was a highlight of the series for me, but then episode 8 was pretty craptastic, followed by episode 9 that had some pretty high points (See: Harold rises from the dead). As with tone, and style, it seems that even the story and its delivery changes from week to week and it is making it difficult for me to enjoy the show overall.

Now, there are some things I do enjoy. The rift between Ward and Joy is a pleasant surprise I didn’t see coming, as was Ward’s murder of Harold. I liked seeing Ward deliver some payback for all of Harold’s manipulation and abuse. I like seeing Coleen and Danny become a couple– it’s cute and plays well for me. Harold’s rise from the dead was pretty playfully delivered and I really dug how the show handled it. This show isn’t without it’s good qualities, but it’s the inconsistency of them that others me. This week’s ratings: 6.5/10


I don’t know what to think, now. This show is white noise to me. I’m able to watch it and generally be alright with it, but then there’s a scene, or a series of scenes, or a whole episode, where I’m like, “What the actual fuck?” Episode 9 was that for me. Harold not only came back to life but his finger grew back. Chinese stars made of tin foil. Getting Madame Gao from China to the U.S. with no customs issues or people raising an eyebrow to a captive person. Sigh. More: Claire has no place in this series. Colleen Wing can’t act, and she holds back secrets from Danny Rand, despite Danny Rand letting her know he’s the fucking Iron Fist! It’s aggravating. Four more episodes to go, then we’re on to The Leftovers. I’m stoked for that. And Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in a month. But for now…Iron Fist. 6.5/10



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Great job, guys. I enjoyed this review more than Iron Fist.


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