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Dude Watches – Iron Fist – S1E10, S1E11, S1E12 & S1E13

by Cord Culver on April 12, 2017


Here it is, folks: the final episodes of Dude Watches: Iron Fist. No need to bury the lead here– we pretty much hated it. In fact, we hated it so much we preferred to talk about a 90 second Thor: Ragnarok trailer MORE than we wanted to talk about 13 episodes of Danny Rand turning his fist into a lightbulb. While this show has its good qualities, we found it easier to harp on it rampant inconsistencies, hushed deliveries, and mis-used characters. The bottom line is, it might be lower on the scale than Jessica Jones, and hell, David Tenant couldn’t save that show. Anyhow, it’s done– it’s over– K’un Lun has moved on… and so will we… to the Leftovers! Season 3 starts this Sunday, folks!


Fuck this show– watch the Thor: Ragnarok trailer instead! 


I didn’t think Cord would do it. He did it, lol. Nice. At least the readability score is good!

I came down from the ledge on this show. It’s not that great. It’s nominally better than Jessica Jones, and that is not an endorsement. Whereas Jessica Jones had the actors, Iron Fist had the story–at least for me. Once Caleb pointed out Finn Jones’ breath-y American accent, that’s all I could hear. The writing in this series was all over the place. Characters didn’t have arcs, they had hopscotches, and then they’d completely change. The majority of the action scenes were rushed and unbelievable. When Colleen Wing said she studied the ways of the Bushido, I nearly lost it. That said, I’m probably the only one out of we three who will see what happens in the next season, if it gets one. Claire was not even close to enough to save this show. Right now, I have to imagine that this show is going to be considered for a second season, but does it deserve one?


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