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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E1

by Cord Culver on January 5, 2016


Happy New Year, folks! And with the new year comes the new season of Dude Watches. We’re pleased to share our humble views, opinions, and recaps of Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Unfortunately, Caleb is out this week dealing with some feline issues. He should be back with us, pronto.

With this first episode the gang tackles the challenges of binge watching a show versus the week to week, Cord rambles on and on and on for the first twelve minutes about how much he is frustrated with the series, Jonny follows up with his breakdown and his vehement love of the Jessica Jones art, and Will chimes in having no context of the character or her place in the Marvel Universe.

For those of you that are as new to Jessica Jones as we are, Jones is a retired superhero turned Private Investigator in Hell’s Kitchen. Jones, formerly known (sort of) as Jewel, has super strength, can almost fly, and has some psionic powers. In the show she’s a little toned-down but some of those powers are still on display. Jones’ love interest is Luke Cage, the unbreakable man. Cage is the low key bar owner who has captured Jones’ interest for reasons which will become clear as the show goes on. Rounding out the main cast as the villain is Kilgrave, the purple man, who’s powers of suggestion can make anyone do anything he wants by simply saying so. Kilgrave and Jones’ past plays front and center as the series progresses.

We hope you enjoy this season of Jessica Jones as much as we do (or in Cord’s case, don’t).

As always, thanks for listening!

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