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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E13

by Will Dutcher on April 19, 2016


Well, it’s over. Season 1, Episode 13 of Jessica Jones, entitled “Smile” was all but memorable. It’s kind of like looking into the sun and looking away real quick, and you can see your white blood cells moving around, trying to get out of your vision cone–that’s what my brain is trying to do with this show. I watched the full 13-episode story arc of Jessica Jones and Kilgrave and Luke Cage and Malcolm and Trish and Hogarth and Simpson and Sister McBrotherfucker and Brother Von Sisterbanger and Copfromthe Wirewhoalwaysplaysacop and I’m left feeling…anything. This series had some moments to talk about (the death of Ruben, Luke Cage’s impenetrable skin, the falling-on-lawn-shears-suicide), but the writing felt (in my opinion) flat. The action scenes were completely forgettable and awfully choreographed, some of the acting was over-the-top for a handful while others phoned it in, and the logic was in pieces in many instances.

*Spoiler alert*

This episode spelled doom for who I thought was the soul of the show, Kilgrave. Regardless of his powers being used for evil (was it all evil?), he was a very charismatic person, who owes a lot of his charm to the actor who portrayed him, David Tennant. But the whole episode seemed like one long slog through the mud to get to a very obvious death we all knew was coming. Much like the audience knew Luke Cage would survive the shotgun blast with his impervious skin, we all already knew Jessica was immune to Kilgrave’s suggestive wiles. Or I believe we all did. The whole end scene was a non-starter for me. I just felt like I knew what was going to happen. And let me back up a scene, too, when Trish mood-walks into the building with her earbuds in while Jessica Jones hangs back…dafuq? Why didn’t she get ahead of all that nonsense and be there to snatch up Kilgrave, thus saving the dock folk from fighting each other and bruising up their bodies? I have so many “Why????” questions it makes me upset. Sigh.

Despite my personal objection to the way a lot of the series progressed, however, I will likely watch Season 2, by myself, with no expectations of recording. I didn’t HATE the show (I personally gave it a 6/10, overall, with the caveat that Tennant carried a lot of that weight for me, but I’m interested in the story enough to know where it’s going to go next. I further don’t believe Caleb nor Cord will have much interest in continuing down this path that only brings memories of Turn, and trying to make that series work. So I’ll watch it for me with the HOPE that the show runner, writers, choreographers and stunt people have all been replaced by people with an interest in producing a show that’s, for all intents and purposes, better. That’s how you can get me to “Smile,” given the likelihood that Kilgrave’s gone.

In summary, we’re all happy the series is over for the time being. We’re happy to announce that we’re going to turn our attention to a Stephen King series, 11-22-63. This is a time-travel-to-stop-the-assassination-of-JFK-romantic-horror tale starring James Franco, Chris Cooper and Josh Duhamel. Super stoked to check this series out!

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