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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E4

by Cord Culver on February 2, 2016


*UPDATE – The previous podcast that was posted was reported to have a preposterous proportion of superfluous silence. This has since been rectified. It wasn’t our fault, it was terrorism.

Yay! Look at that! We all survived Snowzilla so we could watch Jessica Jones again. This week we cover season 1,episode 4, “AKA 99 Friends,” wherein…

Trish and Simpson make up and become besties, Jessica struggles to jump onto a trash can, the Eastman case is pointless and we get more talk about the “incident” and the “flag-waver” and the “big green guy,” Hogarth is mean to Calamity Jane and loses a restaurant in the process, a bunch of whiney people get in a room and start a Kilgrave Support Group and Jessica find the man in the “blue and white” scarf.

There ya go– caught up.

If you haven’t noticed, Cord’s not the biggest fan of Jessica Jones, and if you were on the fence about it, there’s a lot of yelling in this episode, most of which is Cord sharing his feelings on the practical effects, writing, and downright stupidity of the Kilgrave Support Group. This episode is evidence that if you’re loud enough you can change peoples’ mind. Will still wants to enjoy the show but just can’t get behind it and Jonny is slowly turning to the dark side and seeing the light. All of that being said, we’re only a quarter of the way through the season one and the show may turn it around.

For those of you invested in the show, the big take-away this week is the reveal that Malcolm is the stalker. Dun Dun Dunnnn. Oh, yeah, spoiler alert. Anyhow… there ya go. Enjoy the show. And stuff.

As always, thanks for listening!

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