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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E6

by Will Dutcher on February 23, 2016


We  are sans Cord this week as he was busy bulking up on documentaries instead of waxing poetic on Jessica Jones episode 6, AKA “You’re a Winner!”

In this episode, we learn that Kilgrave is trying to do things the ‘right’ way, albeit by still using his talents to acquire a mass sum of money ($1.26 million dollars) by essentially robbing lowlifes out of their ill-gotten money. This money would eventually be used to purchase the home in which Jessica had grown up in as a child. Kilgrave is in love <swoon> and it’s adorable, the little Brit. He just looks so light and airy, I want to carry him in my kerchief pocket and show him to the world! On the issue of Kilgrave…we have an issue with Kilgrave–specifically, how the hell do his powers work, exactly? The power of suggestion seems to be somewhat flimsy at best with the people that are under his spell. How long does it last? How do people snap out of it? Is anyone impervious to it? How it work?

Meanwhile in Jessica’s hood, Luke Cage comes to her place of business with a business proposition. He is looking for a young man named Antoine Grier who is endebted to loan sharks. See, Antoine got it in his head that he could take money from people, start a pot business, and stiff the very people he took the money from. What a maroon. The loan sharks aren’t having it, so they, too, are searching for this young entrepreneur. Luke’s aim, however, is to get information from this guy’s sister, who’s got some skinny on the haps with his old lady, Reva. Y’see, the bus driver didn’t skip town once the accident that (he thinks) claimed his wife. The bus driver was drunk at the time and is still in the city. Say whaaaaaat? Luke gets all mad and wants to Hulk “Big Green Guy” Smash the fool, but Jessica stops him in his tracks and fesses up that she’s the cause of her death and his misery. Tragedy. This was a surprise and a welcome conclusion to Caleb, who was not expecting to see anything to happen on this subject until maybe the penultimate show or the season finale. Jessica faced that demon head on pretty quickly.

Speaking of facing demons, Hope Schlottman is not having this baby. She is determined in the most sadistic ways to get rid of that baby short of drinking rat poison. Crazy chick paid someone to beat her up to force an abortion, which didn’t take. All that ass-beatin’ and nothing to show for it. Ugh. Good luck with the pill, crazy lady!

Malcolm is a different character, it seems. Jonny digs the new “sobered up” Malcolm while Will and Caleb have soured on him as, basically, a ‘new character.’ Hopefully as the season goes along, we see more of that Malcolm that stole the scenes in episode four. Speaking of, Cord was wrong about this episode being another red-herring of a investigative case–that was a driving force for Luke Cage and the catalyst for the (now) conflict and static between Luke and Jessica. Hugely important, in mine eyes.

The ‘fight’ scenes in this show are laughable, and the acting, if you can call it that, is amateur in some places. The plot lines are somewhat transparent and the writing is sophomoric. But it’s still entertaining. It still is able to garner some (Cord would disagree, maybe Caleb, too) apprehension and concern for the main characters, but it deeply suffers from the I-don’t-have-a-connection-to-these-characters-because-they’re-not-the-most-popular-Marvel-characters-itis. For this writer, I’m like Randy Jackson–it’s just okay, dawg. It’s just okay.

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