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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E8

by Cord Culver on March 8, 2016


This week the gang watches and reviews episode 8 of Jessica Jones, “AKA WWJD?”

This one has everything kids. It’s got old (or young Jessie), it’s got Phillip, it’s got yellow Gameboys and nosey neighbors and Hero Kilgrave, and Sad Kilgrave and Science Experiment Kilgrave and hostages and suicide bombers. To date, this is the most Kilgrave we’ve had and it’s basically the Tennant Show.

Jessica finds herself back with Kilgrave (in a very creepy faithful restoration of her childhood home) and learning about all the things that make Kevin (that’s right– Kevin) tick. Jessica gleans a little insight into why Kilgrave is Kilgrave and has to choose whether or not to harness his powers. Hence the title, What Would Jessica Do? Well, for starters, she’d mope. She’d drink a lot of wine. She’d take long walks and she’d even stab Kilgrave in the neck with a powerful sedative and fly away with him. Well… if one had to guess.

This episode also shows Simpson in action, being all GI Joe before he and his team get kablooied by the nosey neighbor, but he’s in there doing hero stuff with his “boys.” Trish also makes a couple of appearances where she does what Trish does, which is… just kind of say some stuff and then leave. She really is the voice of reason on this show, but this episode didn’t have much of her to chime in on.

Hogarth and Wendy makes an appearance as well. The whole gang is here! Annnnyway— we hope you enjoy.

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