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Dude Watches – Jessica Jones – S1E9

by Cord Culver on March 15, 2016


This week, the gang watches and reviews Jessica Jones S1E9, “AKA Sin Bin.”

Maybe we should call this episode “AKA We Need To Talk About Kevin.”

Or maybe “AKA Meet the Parents.”

Or maybe “AKA Jessica Traps Kilgrave in a Glass Room and Makes Him Kill His Parents and Then Kills Them. Spoiler Alert.”

Sin Bin picks up where last week’s episode left off with a drugged Kilgrave coming to his senses in Simpson’s glass jail cell which has been upgraded with some water and electrodes and luck, lucky, Jessica is sitting with her hand on the trigger. This episode is all about getting to the truth of Kilgrave, finding out who he is, and getting him to admit his powers and admit what he did to Hope and Reuben. Jessica and Trish go on a hunt to find Kilgrave’s parents while Hogarth is left to keep an eye Kilgrave. Jessica also seeks out Captain Charisma to arrest Kilgrave when he finally sings like a bird. Obviously nothing goes the way it should and people end up dead.

Once again, Tennant sells it as Kilgrave and Carrie Anne Moss makes a fun turn as the completely morally corrupt Hogarth. Krysten Ritter does a good job of not over-selling the Jones-ness that’s been driving us crazy. Clarke Peters chews the scenery like he always does, OH— and Simpson gets a pill make over which him all better after getting blowed-up.

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