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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S03E02

by Cord Culver on April 26, 2017


Don’t be ridiculous! This show is ridiculously awesome! This week, the gang watches and reviews HBO’s The Leftovers S03E02, “Don’t Be Ridiculous.” With an entire hour focused on Nora, who is clearly sloooowly fading into insanity, getting tattoos, meeting perfect strangers, stalking babies and bouncing on a trampoline, this episode is not to be missed.


I am so along for the ride that this show could throw pretty much anything at me and I’d be okay with it. Heaven is actually a hotel in Australia where I can sing karaoke and be an international assassin? Yep, makes sense to me. Mark Linn-Baker says these scientists will zap you to the “other side” so you can see those that departed and then break your heart with his reason for caring? Yep, I’m good with that. A dick of a police chief is named Kevin gets drowned by a horse gang of women (possibly in the future) and it’s because they know who he is? Makes sense to me. Or how about this one– Nora gets a Wu-Tang tattoo to cover up the names of her children in what might be the saddest scene of the entire episode, followed by two grown women jumping on a trampoline to a Wu-Tang song? Fuck you, this show is amazing. They killed a kangaroo, taught me how to get away with smoking in a hotel room, brought back one of my favorite show tunes from the 90’s, AND showed Kevin getting caught trying to not-die. This show is brilliant. 9/10


This show is excellent. I think what this episode showed was important and necessary for Nora’s character. She’s going through a transformation, still, nearly 7 years since the departure of her children. She’s looking for ways to cope with the loss of not only her children, but now, Lily. She’s broken and is desperately trying to fix herself.  She figures a tattoo of her children’s names would be a good way to honor them, but then gets in her head about how people who don’t know her story may react to the tattoo. She gets it covered with the Wu-Tang symbol, naturally. Then she thinks about having to explain all that to Kevin so she breaks her arm. SHE BREAKS HER ARM TO GET A CAST TO HIDE HER PAIN! It’s unreal! Things happen through the show that bring her down even more–Christine, Tommy…–so she’s out. She can’t bury her kids and husband and trampoline her pain away. She needs something else. She needs Australia.

We talk about some theories Caleb’s read on Reddit and one that Cord kind of brought to the table, which is super interesting in it’s twistiness. Check out the episode and leave us a comment–what’d you think? Me? 8/10


This week, we were treated to another Nora-centric episode. We get some quick and easy answers to what happened to her arm and what happened to Lily. But we also get some plot points from season 1 again – instead of Dean we get Christine (for all of 3 minutes). I could recap what happened scene by scene but that would be a waste of time. The episode was strong but still left me wanting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the intro with the Perfect Strangers theme. I was laughing throughout the credits (something which has never happened to me … like ever). Mark Linn-Baker’s cameo was pitch perfect. The Book of Kevin also made it to Australia already? That final scene was bizarre. Oh and was last week’s future Nora really not that far future Nora but maybe radiation Nora? So many questions. But at least there was Wu-Tang Band this week. Also, something I never expected on this show. 8/10 

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