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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S03E03

by Cord Culver on May 3, 2017


You better watch out– it’s the return of Cord’s Scott Glenn boner with a whole hour of “Crazy Whitefella Thinking” on this week’s episode of HBO’s Leftovers. This week we get indigenous dancing, Eddie Rabbit, poisonous snakes, a bug, a boat, and Kevin Jr., the news anchor. We also get The Book of Kevin (part deux, but not that Kevin, the other Kevin) and a little bit of Christopher Sunday and why he hates ladders. All of this, and more so listen in as we recap and review episode 3 of the final season of the Leftovers.



I’m still not sure how I feel about this episode. I equally enjoyed this show as much as I feel let down by this episode. Let me explain. Kevin Sr. is easily one of, if not, my favorite character is this series. Scott Glenn plays his insanity with a level of sincerity that makes me believe that he is not actually insane, and really, the series has shown us that he’s about as close to being on the pulse of everything as Kevin Jr. So the story about stopping the flood by following the song line and needing one last song from one last man and being lead there by the recorded voice of an eight-year-old Kevin Jr. sincerely tugged at my heart strings. Something about the journey and even the logic spoke to me because in this universe crap like this makes sense. However, and I say this having actually enjoyed the dark humor, when Kevin Sr. falls off the roof and kills Christopher Sunday, effectively ending the song line, I felt disappointment. I really wanted to see that all the way through. And when he treks across the outback only to be saved by the woman, and to hear her explain why she was looking for Kevin, I felt disappointment again. So much of this show has deep rooted logic that makes some emotional sense to me, but this woman buying in to the Book of Kevin and Kevin Sr. seemingly alluding that he may be the right Kevin, well, it just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m sure more of this will make sense in the coming weeks, but this episode left me wanting more of something that may not be coming back.

But, it’s still the Leftovers, and this shit rocks– 8/10.


What’s not to like in this show? Even when it’s an episode with non-regular characters, it’s great! Kevin Garvey Sr. takes the reigns in this show as it focuses on where he’s been since he’d left Mapleton. He is on a quest in the Outback to, quite frankly, stop the end of the world from happening. He foresees (is told?) that a great flood is coming. He wants to speak God’s tongue and believes that the ‘story’ is about him. The ‘story’ he’s referencing is Kevin Garvey Jr’s story, which Matt is writing (aka, The Book of Kevin). Anyway, Kevin Garvey Sr. goes on a walkabout (for all intents and purposes) looking for a man named Christopher Sunday. This is the man that allegedly has the final song Kevin needs to memorize and sing in order to stop the flood from happening. There’s some excellent directing and playing with time in this episode. When you get to the final scene, prepare to have your heart ripped out when Grace recounts the events of the departure for her, personally, October 15th, nearly 7 years ago. Heartbreaking stuff! Caleb told us some spoilers he’d read in the Reddit playgrounds which is super interesting. This is the best show on television right now. If you’re not watching it, you’re missing out! 9.5/10


Well, fuck. I knew the show would eventually live up to the high expectations I had set for it. All it took was an old man wandering the Australian outback fighting local law enforcement, “stealing” cultural songs and traditions, fighting snakes, witnessing self-immolation, possibly traveling to the other side, and cussing out a reverend over the phone. All in all, I loved this episode. Best one for me this season, maybe in the top 5 of the show so far. With no series regulars but Kevin Sr. and Matt (albeit just two phone calls) this show did it. Also, who were those people building the ark? Were they Grace’s dead kids? Grace told Kevin she was out there all alone. Could explain how they knew Chris Sunday was dead too. Also, turning a church into an ark? Pretty symbolic. Which this episode is full of symbolism – down to Kevin’s fallen angel pose at the base of the cross. Is Kevin a Satan metaphor? Could be. Scott Glenn and Lindsay Duncan fucking crushed it. EMMYS FOR EVERYONE! 9.5/10

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