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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S03E04

by Cord Culver on May 10, 2017


G’day listeners! We’re back with Episode 4 of the final season of The Leftovers, “G’day, Melbourne.” This week’s episode shows Kevin on the verge of insanity, the complete dissolution of Kevin and Nora’s relationship, and Nora’s drive to go to the other side. We also get glimpses of John and Lori, and next week’s preview shows us it’s all about Matt.


I said in the beginning of this episode and I’ll state it here too: this show perplexes me. I am committed to following this show wherever it’s going to take me, but these last two episodes have left me wanting something more and I can’t quite figure out what it is. I felt like the fight between Kevin and Nora was harsh, and I didn’t realize there was so much animosity between them– to the point that I felt like Kevin’s jabs were too harsh, but then again, Nora went to be nuked and didn’t give a damn about Kevin’s feelings. In any event, I will continue to follow where this show goes, but considering we only have 4 episodes left, I really hope the show knows where it’s going and it takes us to a place that is satisfying… and leaves us wondering. 7.75/10


I enjoyed the episode well enough. It made me seriously think about Kevin’s mental state, Nora’s obsession with being the center of attention, and whether or not Kevin and Nora are really good for each other–they’re not. The trip to Australia was a quick jaunt from a more-country-than-I’d-expect airport from Texas(?). Even from the check-in procedures, Nora was trying to get away from Kevin, only foreshadowing what she was going to do when she got to Australia, and re-affirming what she’d been doing all along. They’re just not good for one another. So damaged. Anyway. So Kevin thinks he sees Evie. Long story short, he may be going psycho and Lori’s not doing anything to ease him into his diagnosis. Nora can’t appease the people that supposedly can re-introduce her family to her, so she chases after them, to no avail. Kevin Garvey Sr. shows up at the end of the episode informing a pissed-off-done-with-Nora Kevin that there was an explosion, all flights are grounded, and oh, it’s also so nice to see you! We find out there’s only 4 more episodes which is a bummer. This is a top 5 series of mine, of all time, and it’s coming to a close. #Sad. 8.625/10


This week, we catch back up with Kevin Jr. and Nora as they travel to Australia. We dive deeper in Kevin’s psyche and realize that he’s not the most reliable of narrators as he hunts down “Evie” on the streets of Melbourne. We also receive confirmation about the baby-killing question from last week. Old burning man of Melbourne was trying to radiate himself through to the other side. All in all, this week felt like more pieces were being moved along the board toward the finale – whatever that may be. There was some heart-string pulling as Kevin and Nora broke up. That closing scene of “Take On Me” set to Nora’s tears was just brutal. Watching the once and now former power couple of Jarden collapse and fight was terrible. But yet – it felt incredibly necessary for both characters to progress. Oh and Kevin shoving the knife of doubt into Laurie’s relationship with John? Perfect. Fuck Laurie – even though she was right. At the end of the day our Kevins are reunited and Kevin Christ only knows what’s in store for us. 8.75/10

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