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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S03E05

by Cord Culver on May 17, 2017


It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt World! Indeed it is.

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Dude Watches where we discuss and review HBO’s The Leftovers. This being the final season we’re paying strict attention to each and every detail to figure out just what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, Caleb is not with us this week, so you’re left with just Cord and Will who do FAR LESS research than Caleb does. Basically, we’re winging it. This week’s episode focuses on Matt as he comes face to face with God, or David Burton, and learns how to navigate the sexual politics of a lion-worshipping orgy at sea, whilst investigating a murder. Off the coast of Australia.

Yeah– That’s pretty accurate. No clue what is happening in this show.

Cord: Each week I have to remind myself that I am committed to the ride– this was especially. I have no freakin clue what the hell the lion has to do with a nuclear sub exploding has to do with Kevin in Australia has to do with the departure. Honestly… if you can make it make sense for me, that’d be appreciated. I love this show and I love that it challenges the viewers from week to week, and I love that so much of the mystery is shrouded in Lindelof’s off-beat humor, but I’ll be damned if I can make heads or tails of this one. It was a fun episode and watching Matt have his Lt. Dan moment against David Burton/God… only to see God get eaten by a lion… was full of great acting and delivery, but in the end, I’m just not sure what one thing has to do with the other in the overall story arch. Caleb, tell me what I need to know. 8.25/10


What happened in this episode? Well, a French dude went butt-ass to blow up a nuke. Lion-people jerked each other off in front of Matt (or maybe behind him?). God threw a guy off a ferry. Matt’s dying. Lori’s keeping stuff from John. And a Lion named Frasier ate God. Not a lot of story movement in this one. The main plot elements are this: Matt, Lori, John, and Michael (is that his name?) get to Tasmania because they can’t fly into Australia on account of a nuclear explosion in the middle of the South Pacific. Matt’s cancer is back. John took the fact that Lori withheld information re: Kevin ‘seeing’ Evie in Australia pretty well. David Burton is a semi-famous celebrity who often transits between Australia and Tasmania. Matt has had all his faith in God since being cured as a child only to be told, by God (?), that he wasn’t even paying attention. It was all for naught. Matt has an awakening and then a lion kills God, aka David Burton. At least next week, the main players will all be back on the same continent, together. Now, I’m left to wonder what next week’s episode 6 title, “Certified,” is supposed to mean… 8.25/10



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