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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S03E06

by Cord Culver on May 24, 2017


Welcome back, folks! This week we recap and review The Leftovers episode 6, “Certified.” Laurie gets into a fist fight with Nora, ends up drugging everyone and then goes scuba diving. And I promise, in context, it all makes sense.

Cord: Well, clearly I didn’t have the same viewing experience as Caleb and Will because as much as I enjoyed this Laurie-centric episode, it didn’t hit me as hard as it did for Caleb. Amy Brenneman is pitch perfect in this send-off episode as is Carrie Coon and the rest of the Leftovers cast. I can’t say a negative thing about this episode, or the way they handled Laurie’s decisions. All I can say is this episode did not resonate with me in such a way that the episode stands out amongst the many excellent episodes that The Leftovers has given us over the past three seasons. As always, this show is better than anything else on television… this one just didn’t hit home for me. 8/10


This is my favorite episode of the season because it was consistently outstanding in each scene. Amy Brenneman stole every scene she was in. She played the heartbroken woman at her wit’s end like a pro. She had great scenes with Nora, Kevin, John, and Tommy and Jill on the phone. We were introduced to a new mystery (where are the children’s shoes!?). We saw a physical confrontation between Laurie and an equally broken, almost kid-like Nora. Kevin Sr. knocked a cop out with a shovel and face-planted in his soup. Laurie committed suicide–or at least it was heavily implied. You can’t describe this show, or this episode even, in 200 words. You have to watch it, really–the entire show. Catch up and get back to us. It’s outstanding! 9.75/10



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