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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S3E01

by Cord Culver on April 19, 2017


Here it is, folks– FINALLY– the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers. We are beyond excited to talk about S3E01: The Book of Kevin. Tune in as we recap and review this week’s episode, and as always, SPOILERS AHEAD.


Boy, oh, boy, I am glad this show is back on the air. I have missed the people of Jardin. This episode is a fun, welcome, reintroduction to the show. This episode does a great job of referencing the previous two seasons while also moving the narrative forward and adding some new twists to everyones’ insanity. With Kevin in charge and seemingly invincible, and possibly a new age Jesus with some buy-in from his friends and family, this season is going to be entertaining to watch. Lindelof and crew have not steered us wrong in this series, so I trust them implicitly. Bring on the big storm. 8.5/10


Here we go, again. Not only are we back in to watching television that’s fun to watch, but I’m again coming in hot at the highest overall score. More on that in a minute.

I admit I’d forgotten a lot about the show and what happened toward the end of season 2, primarily in the last episode. However, Caleb did a great job of bringing me back up to speed when we recorded and I have a much better appreciation for what the show did. The cold open was outstanding, if not only because I love religious zealots getting disappointed when things don’t happen the way they’d predicted them to. Hope is great, but it’s nothing special, in my opinion. It’s the belief and holding out that there will be some meaning or you will find some answer to <insert problem here>. I think, ultimately, that’s what Lindelof was telling us as to the conclusion of this series: we won’t find answers. There’s beauty in mystery and the unknown, and I think Lindelof celebrates that mystery perfectly every time he’s involved in a project.

Quickfire thoughts: Dean’s back. Oh, no! He’s a kook! Oh, no! He shot at Kevin. Oh, no! Dean ain’t got no face no more! Dogs turning into people? Strange. Predator took down the Guilty Remnant; they shan’t be missed. Kevin’s trying to off himself. Is this an every day thing? Can he die? Matt’s writing a book on Kevin because he thinks him Christ incarnate? Maybe not exactly Christ, ‘but the beard suits’ him (Kevin). Jill’s in college. Tom’s a cop. John married Lori. Lily’s gone. Mary had a baby with Matt named Noah, and Mary and Noah want the get out of Jardin. So many plotlines. All of this show is superbly acted, there’s just enough mystery to keep you interested without going absurd. I love this show. My only gripe is that it could have been 15 minutes longer to expound a little more on some of the character arcs. But then again, maybe Lindelof knew where to draw the line. Next week’s title is “Don’t Be Ridiculous” which I *HOPE* is a call-back to Perfect Strangers and Balki’s catchphrase. Great show! 9/10


The final season of The Leftovers has put me in a strange place. I love this show. I am grateful that it will come to a meaningful end (in theory). However, I am concerned that my expectations for this final season may be too high. At the end of this first episode, which I enjoyed, I felt a bit unfulfilled. I loved seeing all my favorite characters return and I loved learning what they had been up to since the G.R. raided Jarden. I enjoyed the cold open and its tongue-in-cheek nod to The Great Disappointment of 1844. I loved the way AFTEC dealt with the G.R. in only a way the federal government could. #waco But what I loved the most? Seeing Kevin coming to terms with his resurrections. Was he trying to re-enter the hotel with that plastic bag? I am excited to see where this season goes. I am nervous that my expectations may be too high. There is a lot to discuss; Cord, Will, and I will cover as much as possible, hopefully. Ultimately, I worry that my too high expectations will lead to my own Great Disappointment8/10

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