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Dude Watches – Stranger Things (Season 1)

by Cord Culver on August 17, 2016


Hey folks, this week the gang discusses the magically wonderful awesomeness of Stranger Things. For those of you just getting Netflix or crawling out from under a rock, Stranger Things is an eight episode series that follows the lives of four friends after their friend Will goes missing. A mysterious girl with telekinetic powers named Eleven shows up in town; is she an alien? Where did Will go? How does she have powers? Why is her name Eleven? Don’t worry, all of these questions are answered and more. Not by us of course, for that you’ll have to watch the show! However, we will discuss our favorite characters and our love of the score. We’ll also discuss the influence of Stephen King’s IT on the Duffer Brothers, and where we think the future of the show is going.

Taking place in middle-America in the 1980s, Stranger Things is a love letter to Stephen King stories of the decade. The premise of Stranger Things is simple, there is a creature that has been traveling between dimensions, depicted as the Upside Down, the opposite of the Earthly plain, and hunting humans. When one of their friends, Will, goes missing, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, and the rest of the town, go looking to find him. At the same time that Will goes missing, a mysterious young girl named Eleven shows up. She’s scared and on the run and the people that help her seem to end up dead. With a mysterious government agency seemingly pulling the strings, the entire town is caught in the middle of an inter-dimensional rescue mission and battle to save to Will and Eleven.

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