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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S2E10

by Cord Culver on December 8, 2015


Here it is, folks, the season finale of the Leftovers, season 2.

Well, what’s to say other than thank you Lindelof and Perrata for what we feel is damn near a perfect season of television. At the end of this week’s episode the gang rates the episode and rates the season, as well as discusses their definitive moment of the show. Plainly put, everyone loved this episode and loved this season. Hell, you can see Cord’s finale boner from Australia (just pretend like you can hear Caleb singing “it’s a miraaaacle” somewhere in the background).

With the Kevin storyline coming to a close and the final reveal of the disappearing girls’ true motives, “I Live Here Now” closes on a very neat, concise note that Kevin has found what makes him happy and he is at home with his loved ones. If the show didn’t go any further than those final seconds, some of the gang feel they will have been treated to a very satisfying finale. That being said, we wouldn’t be upset if another season came around and we followed Papa Garvey through the Australian outback. Having spent ten (or 8 if you’re Cord) episodes with the Garveys, Murphys and Jamisons, you can imagine we don’t want to let go.

So… for the last time, with this show, for this season, here are the highlights: Evie is terrible and deserves to get her ass kicked, John and Kevin have a showdown that sends Kevin back to the hotel, We learn Kevin is terrible at karaoke, Nora can chase down a baby, Oh yeah, Mary’s awake, Tommy joined the Guilty Remnant, Regina King can act her ass off, the GR march on Miracle, Kevin walks around with a giant hole in his chest, Meg is still smug as ever, and finally, Kevin goes home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Dude Watches as much as we have. If you haven’t been watching The Leftovers, well, dammit, you should.

As always, thanks for listening!

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