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Dude Watches – The Leftovers – S2E9

by Cord Culver on December 1, 2015


Hey gang, this week the fellas discuss The Leftovers season 2, episode 9: Ten Thirteen. That’s a lot of damn numbers.

Okay, seriously, who called it? Did anyone? Because we wouldn’t believe you if you said you did– Gary. You can skip the entire episode for the last 60 seconds and still be adequately blown away. As for the rest of the episode, what did everyone think? Well, Cord hated it, Will and Caleb thought it was quality television and Jonny thought it was “meh.” Listen at the end and you’ll get a detailed explanation from the Cord and Jonny camp.

To give you the highlights, everyone finds themselves in Jarden, Meg tries to impregnate Tommy, Meg tries to blow up a school bus full of children, Meg sees a psychic (but doesn’t like what he says, and Meg, to (mostly) everyone’s surprise has Evie and the girls locked up in a trailer rocking white robes. Meg. Meg. Meg. This episode focuses heavily on Meg with a sprinkle of Tommy and a dash of Laurie. While Cord and Jonny didn’t care for the characters or the episode, Caleb and Will both thought it was excellent story telling and an excellent segue into next week’s finale.

As usual, the gang throws out wild theories, questions about Australia, Caleb drops what is most likely the darkest of all predictions and we’re all very excited for “I Live Here Now.”

As always, thanks for listening!

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