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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E01

by Will Dutcher on October 6, 2016


Hey folks! Welcome back to the latest iteration of Dude Watches! This season we’re covering HBO’s Westworld based on the 1973 Michael Crichton sci-fi film of the same name. Before we jump into things just a head’s up, as always, there’s foul language and spoilers (this is for the newbies– you long time listeners expect no less!).

This week’s episode, The Original, a dense chew. There’s a lot to take in. Who is Bernard and who is Dr. Ford? What is their relationship? What’s the deal with Dolores? And what do the glitches mean? Why is smarmy English guy (Sizemore) so smarmy? What does the boss lady have in store? I think most important of all, what is the deal with the man in black?!Thankfully we get 10 jam packed episodes to answer some of these questions. I have a feeling we’ll be questioning our own existential issues after a few episodes.

Beyond all of the questions, look at the cast! I don’t think you’ll find a better cast on television right. SIR Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Ed-FUCKING-Harris (If you thought Cord had a Scott Glenn boner in The Leftovers you ain’t seen nothing yet), Evan Rachel Wood, Shannon Woodard… pretty soon Colin Clifton Jr. I can’t think of a more consistent pedigree of talented actors on any other show– if you can challenge that, hit us up on Facebook, let us know.

Then there’s the visuals… slick, clean, era-specific. The future looks pretty damn futuristic and the past looks like a legitimate Spaghetti Western with one giant added bonus. Jonathon Nolan’s visuals. All of the sweeping landscapes wide shots SCREAM I-MAX. This is a move taken straight out of the Nolan brothers playbook, and it works. It sells the scope of this “resort.”

Finally, blood, guts, nudity and milk. Plenty of it to go around. There’s no shortage of eye candy whether you’re in the brothel, or in streets for a gun fight. You won’t any complaints from us, though you might find yourself squirming a little when the Man in Black drags people out to the barn.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining us!

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