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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E02

by Will Dutcher on October 12, 2016


We travel back into Sweetwater, Westworld in Episode 2, “Chestnut”.  Dolores wakes up, as she did in Episode 1, with Buddy Hemsworth asking her, “Do you remember?” before cutting back a bit in the story. William seems to be the fresh-faced good guy, introduced to Westworld by non-friend, Ben Barnes. This is just now striking me, but my name is William and this seems like the kind of place my brother, Ben, would drag me to. He would also likely play the role Ben Barnes seems to want to play. Anyway, William seems to be the complete polar opposite of Ben, wanting to help people rather than hurt anyone, irregardless of the fact that they’re not ‘real’ people.

Back in Westworld central, there is discussion on whether or not to rebuild Abernathy, who suffered a nasty bout of reality in Episode 1. The picture of the woman in front of Times Square was just too much for him, and now the programmers want to reboot. There is fear of the reality becoming “contagious,” which is a fairly interesting concept. Can robots communicate in such a way that if one of them were to become self-aware and sentient, others could follow suit? That seems to be what’s going on in this story with Dolores, Abernathy, Maeve, and the Man in Black. Interesting, indeed.

Speaking of the Man in Black, he is on a quest to find “The Maze” in Westworld. What “The Maze” is, however, is not known. Is it a way out of the physical environment, because that seems to be what it hints at. Or is it something a little more cerebral, such as the way to the core processing of the host? There is still so much to learn!

Indians. There are Indians in this land, or at least there were in former plot-lines (Maeve) and potentially in new ones (re: Sizemore).  Anthony Hopkins, upon viewing the presentation for this savage story-line, immediately dismisses it. He believes that’s not what the people want–cheap thrills. Guests want something with substance. Guests want the details.

Maeve, upon discovery of her being ineffective seducing guests, is tweaked, to no avail. Then she’s discovered to have MRSA in her stomach. Google it…it’s gross. She wakes on the operating table and has a real culture shock when she discovers where she is isn’t so “Westworld”-y. She’s quickly put back into the operating room (assumed) and surely those idiots will wipe her memory–or try.

The episode concludes with Anthony Hopkins’ Robert Ford off by himself with a little boy who may be some version of Ford. Maybe. Be on the lookout for a new story-line, developed by Ford, himself, in the near future!?

We all liked the show, with Will continuing to be the biggest downer, giving it a 7.75. Caleb dropped a bit to a solid 8, while Cord improved upon Episode 1’s score with a 9. What do you guys think of the show? Would you visit? Where would you go first? Would you be a villain or a do-gooder, or just spend all your times in brothels?

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