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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E03

by Will Dutcher on October 19, 2016


This week on Dude Watches, we’re back with Westworld’s third episode “The Stray.” While the guys try to stay on topic and discuss major themes developing within the series, they quickly get off topic. For every theory Caleb brings up, Cord seems to have a solid response. Does Bernie need more sweaters? Is Bernie contaminating Dolores? Will his grieving father routine result in the downfall of mankind? Other topics discussed, include bullets, animals, coding, the man in black, and Cord’s ability to be a good friend.

Also, just what the hell are these bullets made from? Is the man in black secretly Luke Cage? Or is he Arnold? What the hell is going on with Dolores? Can she see the future? Or is it the past? Will I ever stop asking questions with this show? No? I don’t know. Anthony Hopkins continues to rule as Ford, the creepy father figure to the park. We get to see another facet of Buddy Hemsworth and Helen Page as they watch a robot crush his own head. Are there characters in this show that we root for? Maybe? I like Ford. Or at least I like Hopkins portrayal of Ford. Regardless of meandering rambles – check out this episode. If anything you’ll leave with more questions than you had to begin with.

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