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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E05

by Will Dutcher on November 2, 2016


So just what the hell is going on in this world? Is it two timelines? Is William the Man in Black? Caleb has his doubts, Will is near certain and Cord wants to hedge his bets.This week, Westworld’s got everyone guessing as to what’s going on. Look elsewhere for certainty, folks. All we’ve got for you is hearsay, theories, and a bad Princess Diana joke.

First of all, let’s be clear that William and Logan don’t seem to like each other all that much. Logan’s the boss but sees William as a peon; he’s a non-threat to his position. William, however, disproves this when he saves Logan from certain (is it?) death at the hands of the military caravan. By the time the episode ends, William’s had enough of Logan’s shit and he’s not saving him again. While Pariah is a dangerous place, Logan knew that full-well coming into it; he’s getting his just desserts.

It seems like Ford and the Man in Black have some history together. Ford would also not say that he and Dolores are friends “at all”–what’s that all about? Dolores is the oldest host on-site, and this is Ford (and Arnold’s) creation. I gotta know the back story to this. Is Pariah involved? The church? The little boy? Speaking of the little boy, he shows up again, twice. The first time, he fetches some water for the Man in Black. Once dispatched, he slits the neck of Lawrence (aka, El Lazo) and drains his blood in a spare canteen to patch up Cyclops, aka Teddy, who was hurting from the previous episode.

Also, we have Maeve, who has apparently gotten full control of her body and ended the episode chillingly telling the “Shade” that they need to talk. This was after she was taken in for repairs (again). Why do the hosts and guests always kill Maeve? Is she “dying” on purpose to get back to the compound? Rather, is she becoming conscious? While Dolores (in both timelines?) is seeking her answers through the game, Maeve seeks other avenues.

In conclusion, this was Will’s favorite episode thus far, with a caveat: it’s because of the William/Man in Black theory. Without that theory, the timeline falls apart and things don’t make sense. It’s going to be a tough sell to explain what’s going on any other way, but we’re definitely interested to see where this is going. Jonathan Nolan and his team, and the entire cast, are doing a fine job!

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