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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E06

by Will Dutcher on November 9, 2016


This week on Dude Watches Westworld, the gang talks politics before jumping into “The Adversary.” Regardless of your politics, if you’re not watching Westworld, you should be. This episode starts pulling together threads from all the crazy theories and plot lines. Notably, is Bernard actually a host-clone of Arnold? Are the techs at Westworld secretly cloning its guests for some nefarious purpose?

Also, let’s talk about Maeve! Holy crap! She’s easily one of the most interesting television characters conceived in recent memory. The way Thandie Newton places this character is simply brilliant. The tragic nature of her existential conflict is nothing short of poetic and wondrous. Apart from that this episode’s discussion circles the possibility of multiple timelines despite the absence of William and Dolores.

Elsie’s bread crumb quest through the data to find the Delos mole and her eventual capture by an unknown figure also raises questions. However, this episode is not without its low points. Sizemore’s back. Awesome! Wow! He pees on things!

Also, speaking of things in the park, how do guns work? How can the tech crew control incendiary effects from afar? So many questions. How are Bernard and Ford pulling folks for one-on-ones? WHERE IS THE OVERSIGHT?

One last thing, too: Teddy is now a bad ass! He was introduced as somewhat meek and but turned it around completely in this episode. Because of his transition, he is finally a person everybody can get behind!

Finally, we get to our ratings. Will came out of his shell on this one and gave it a 9/10, making it his favorite episode thus far. Caleb also matched Will’s fervor with a solid 9. Cord, however, went with an 8/10. What say you?

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Lastly, check out Jonny Lupsha’s new book, “Wandering City Blues,” which is out now! Good work, Jonny!

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